Cas9 Antibody

  • Polyclonal detecting wt Cas9 protein and variants
  • Very low background on mammalian cell lysates
  • Sensitive: detects 0.5 ng Cas9 on Western blot

Anti-Cas9 Antibody for Western blotting

The Guide-it Cas9 Polyclonal Antibody is a rabbit antibody raised against recombinant Cas9 protein. The antibody detects three variants of the Cas9 nuclease: wild-type Cas9, Cas9 nickase, and Cas9 nuclease-deficient mutants. Sensitivity of detection on a Western blot is 0.5 ng of recombinant Cas9.

If you need a mouse monoclonal see our Cas9 Monoclonal Antibody


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Cat no. Description
CL 632606 Guide-it Cas9 Polyclonal Antibody 3 x 100uL
CL 632607 Guide-it Cas9 Polyclonal Antibody 100uL