Guide-It Indel Identification Kit

  • Characterize the variety of indels introduced by gene editing technologies
  • Time-saving protocol gives you results quickly
  • Compatible with Cas9-CRISPR, TALENs and zinc-finger nuclease systems
  • Complete kit to amplify, clone, and prep for sequencing

Indel identification is now fast and easy with the Guide-it Indel Identification Kit. It is a complete system for identifying the variety of insertions and deletions ("indels") created in a cell population using nuclease based genome editing technologies. It is compatible with CRISPR-Cas9, TALENs, and zinc finger nucleases.

Go from cells to sequencing quickly

First, you do a direct PCR on the crude cell lysate to amplify the genomic DNA fragments containing the target site. No DNA isolation needed. The resulting PCR products contain a pool of edited target sites from individual cells. They are cloned directly, without restriction digestion, into a pre-linearized vector using the In-Fusion cloning system. After transformation into the included Stellar competent cells, you pick random clones and amplify the target region from each of them by fast colony PCR. The PCR products are now ready for sequencing to identify indels generated at the targeted genomic sequence.

Indel identification workflow

Complete kit for reliable, accurate results

The kit contains all of the components needed to amplify, clone, and prepare modified target sites for DNA sequencing. Each of the steps is optimized to give fastest results with the least effort.

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