Guide-it Mutation Detection Kit

  • Simple PCR method to identify insertions or deletions
  • Faster and more efficient than the Surveyor assay
  • Amplify directly from your target cells
  • Complete kit: Resolvase, Polymerase and all buffers included

With the Guide-it Mutation Detection Kit you can easily identify genome insertions or deletions of cells treated with engineered nucleases such as zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs), transcription-activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), or CRISPR/Cas9.

First you PCR the putative target sequence directly from cells. The kit uses Terra PCR Direct Polymerase Mix, which is resistant to cellular impurities, so there is no need to first extract genomic DNA from your cells. The PCR product is then melted and hybridized to form the mismatched targets for cleavage by Guide-it Resolvase. The resulting DNA molecules are run on an agarose gel, clearly showing the extent of cleavage.

The kit contains reagents sufficient for 100 amplification and cleavage reactions.

How it works

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CL 631443 Guide-it Mutation Detection Kit 100 rxns
CL 631448 Guide-it Mutation Detection Kit 25 rxns