Guide-it CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNA In Vitro Transcription Kit

  • Produce sgRNA and test their efficacy in vitro
  • No cloning required: screen before you clone
  • High yield: get >4 µg of sgRNA in 3 hours
  • Use sgRNAs for in vitro screening and/or transfection

Prescreen to find the most effective sgRNAs

CRISPR/Cas9 technology is a powerful tool that allows genome editing in virtually any cell line. To create gene disruptions, a single guide RNA (sgRNA) is generated to direct the Cas9 nuclease to a specific genomic location. Cas9-induced double strand breaks are repaired via the NHEJ DNA repair pathway. The repair is error prone, and thus insertions and deletions (INDELs) may be introduced that can disrupt gene function.

Not every sgRNA is equally effective, so you have to screen for the best one. The Guide-It sgRNA In Vitro Transcription Kit makes this prescreening of sgRNAs a lot easier as it produces high yields of sgRNA for screening without cloning into an expression vector.

How it works

After production of sgRNAs you can quickly assay the sgRNA cleavage efficiency with the Guide-It sgRNA Screening Kit.


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