CoolBox™ 30 Systems - ice-free cooling

  • Ice-free alternative to ice bucket or plastic gel-filled coolers
  • Cool, freeze or transport samples without contamination or temperature variation
  • No "edge effect" as all wells are continuously within 0.1℃

The ice-free CoolBox Systems are a versatile alternative to your regular ice bucket or plastic coolers. Cool, (snap)freeze or transport a variety of sample tubes safely without worry of contamination or temperature variation.

You can choose from five temperature options through the use of ice-free cartridges, dry ice or liquid nitrogen:
(1) Blue cartridge provides 0.5℃ to 4℃ for up to 10 hours,
(2) green cartridge keeps samples frozen (-18℃ to -6℃) up to 6 hours,
(3) place dry ice and purple insulator pad under the CoolRack® and achieve -25℃ for up to 5 hours,
(4) 200cc of dry ice provides compact -78℃ workstation for up to 6 hours, and
(5) LN2 allows cryogenic -150℃ workstation as long as LN2 level is maintained

CoolBox M30: for 30 1.5ml or 2.0ml microfuge tubes.
CoolBox CFT30: for 30 cryo vials with one-hand vial opening/closing

You can also design your own system by combining an empty CoolBox unit with a CoolRack and cooling or freezing cartridge of your choice. Contact our technical support for advice.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the BioCision website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
BC BCS-130 CoolBox 30 System (without Coolrack module)
BC BCS-131 -12C Cooling Cartridge for CoolBox 30, 3pk
BC BCS-132 +2C Cooling Cartridge for CoolBox 30, 3pk
BC BCS-133 M30 CoolBox System
BC BCS-144G CoolBox Microplate System, Green
BC BCS-144O CoolBox Microplate System, Orange
BC BCS-144PK CoolBox Microplate System, Pink
BC BCS-145 PCR96 CoolBox Microplate System
BC BCS-166 CFT30 CoolBox System