CoolBox XT - Ice-free cooling and freezing

  • No ice, no power: samples stay cold up to 16 hrs
  • No worries about sample temperature
  • Convenient benchtop sample handling
  • Easy to clean or sterilize
  • Choose from a variety of sample modules
CoolBox XT provides over 16 hours of ice-free, power-free cooling to a variety of laboratory samples.

The modular CoolBox XT sample cooling stations allow you to design a workstation that perfectly fits your specific needs. To complete your CoolBox XT workstation choose a CoolRack tube module or a CoolSink Plate module to fit your application.

The internal patent-pending dual-phase XT Cooling Core provides the cooling source - no electricity or batteries are needed - making the unit very versatile and portable. Available in 4 colors.

Samples in tubes or plates stay a uniform 0.5 to 4ºC for over 16 hours with the XT Cooling Core. For frozen samples, load the optional XT Freezing Core into the CoolBox XT base and samples will stay at -20 to 0ºC for over 8 hours.

You can choose from General Purpose Workstations (purple) or Automation-Friendly Workstations
(green) that come complete with CoolBox XT, XT Cooling Core and application-specific CoolRack sample module(s). Or you can design your own workstation by selecting a CoolBox XT or CoolBox 2XT and the CoolRack and CoolSink sample module(s) best suited to your application.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the BioCision website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
BC BCS-502 CoolBox XT System
BC BCS-502-C extension collar, for CoolBox XT, purple
BC BCS-502-CG extension collar, for CoolBox XT, green
BC BCS-502-CO extension collar, for CoolBox XT, orange
BC BCS-502-CPK extension collar, for CoolBox XT, pink
BC BCS-502G CoolBox XT System, Green
BC BCS-502O CoolBox XT System, Orange
BC BCS-502PK CoolBox XT System, Pink
BC BCS-503 CoolBox 2XT System
BC BCS-503-C extension collar, for CoolBox 2XT, purple
BC BCS-503-CG extension collar, for CoolBox 2XT, green
BC BCS-503-CO extension collar, for CoolBox 2XT, orange
BC BCS-503-CPK extension collar, for CoolBox 2XT, pink
BC BCS-503G CoolBox 2XT System, Green
BC BCS-503O CoolBox 2XT System, Orange
BC BCS-503PK CoolBox 2XT System, Pink
BC BCS-511 XT Cooling Core
BC BCS-512 XT Freezing Core
BC BCS-570 CoolBox XT PCR96 Workstation (Automation-Friendly)
BC BCS-572 CoolBox XT PCR Strip Workstation (Automation-Friendly)
BC BCS-573 CoolBox 2XT PCR Workstation (Automated-Friendly)
BC BCS-575 CoolBox XT CryoTube 24 Workstation (Automated-Friendly)
BC BCS-576 CoolBox XT MicroTube 24 Workstation (Automated-Friendly)