CoolRack® Ice-free Cooling Modules

  • Consistent: same temperature in all wells
  • Ready to use, no pre-chilling, no calibrating
  • Highly reproducible cooling, (snap) freezing and thawing
  • Safe: no risk of immersion
  • Rapidly adapts to any temperature between -196°C and +100°C

CoolRacks rapidly equilibrate to any temperature they contact. Index, organize and protect samples in ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, water baths or any other lab temperature source. Get the benefit of the temperature without the mess!

Insert sample in a CoolRack instead of directly immersing into ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or water baths. CoolRacks provide temperature consistency and high reproducibility during cooling, (snap)freezing or thawing procedures, eliminating one often-overlooked variable.

CoolRacks accommodate a wide variety of tubes and plates and adapt to any temperature between -196˚C and +100˚C. Ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications from collection to processing to transport.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the BioCision website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
BC BCS-102 CoolRack M90
BC BCS-105 CoolRack CF45
BC BCS-108 CoolRack M30
BC BCS-108G CoolRack M30, Green
BC BCS-108O CoolRack M30, Orange
BC BCS-116 CoolRack M96 ID
BC BCS-125 CoolRack M15
BC BCS-125G CoolRack M15 - Green
BC BCS-125O CoolRack M15 - Orange
BC BCS-126 CoolRack CF15
BC BCS-127 CoolRack M15-PF
BC BCS-128 CoolRack M30-PF
BC BCS-137 CoolRack 500ul M30-PF
BC BCS-138 CoolRack CFT30
BC BCS-143 Temperature Strip (1-8C), 3pk
BC BCS-149 CoolRack 1.0mlx96
BC BCS-153 CoolRack 15ml
BC BCS-154 CoolRack 50ml
BC BCS-155 CoolRack V13
BC BCS-156 CoolRack V16
BC BCS-157 CoolRack VS13
BC BCS-163 CoolRack M6, Grey
BC BCS-164 CoolRack M6, Green
BC BCS-165 CoolRack M6 Orange
BC BCS-184 CoolSink LX55
BC BCS-200 CoolProbe U
BC BCS-201 CoolProbe M
BC BCS-202 CoolProbe CF
BC BCS-231 CoolRack 96 x 0,5ml
BC BCS-232 CoolRack L
BC BCS-265 CoolRack SV10
BC BCS-523 CoolRack XT PCR-M
BC BCS-529 CoolRack XT PCR96
BC BCS-532 CoolRack 250ml
BC BCS-534 CoolRack XT CFT24
BC BCS-535 CoolRack XT M24
BC BCS-536 CoolSink XT 96F
BC BCS-537 CoolSink XT 96U
BC BCS-538 CoolRack XT PCR384
BC BCS-539 CoolRack XT 5ml