ThermalTray™ Platforms

  • Support CoolRack® and CoolSink™ modules in liquid temperature sources
  • 10+ hours of <4°C cooling of tubes or plates
  • Stable stage for pipetting, dissecting, sorting
  • No direct contact with liquid temperature source
  • Wide temperature range -196°C to >+100°C
ThermalTray platforms support CoolRack and CoolSink tube and plate modules in liquid temperature sources. ThermalTrays are made of the same thermo-conductive alloy as CoolRack and CoolSink modules. When placed in ice, the ThermalTray is rapidly cooled and and equilibrated to just above the ice temperature. A CoolRack or CoolSink module can then be placed on top of the ThermalTray, which will transfer the heat from the CoolRack or CoolSink down into the ice, cooling the samples in the CoolRack or CoolSink.

The precision engineering of the ThermalTray and the CoolRack/CoolSink modules ensures optimal fit between the two surfaces rapid heat transfer and a uniform temperature across the unit.

Samples stay well away from the temperature source, yet maintain desired temperature, which minimizes risk of contamination and increases sterility assurance. Possible temperature sources are: ice, liquid nitrogen, water bath.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
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Cat no. Description
BC BCS-104 ThermalTray HP
BC BCS-123 ThermalTray LP
BC BCS-252 ThermalTray SLP