GelTower - Gel Imaging System

  • Publication-quality color or grayscale images
  • Perfect for precast and mini gels up to 11.5 x 16 cm
  • Interchangeable transillumination sources: white, blue, midrange and longwave UV
  • Simple workflow-focused software
  • Compact in size: 330 mm x 330 mm

The GelTower is an ideal gel imaging system for research labs limited in space. With a footprint smaller than 330mm x 330mm, this compact gel imaging system fits in any lab. Its modular design is perfect for easy placement and imaging of precast or mini gels with sizes up to 11.5 x 16 cm.


Simple gel imaging workflow

The computer controlled GelTower provides high-resolution images in color and gray scales, perfect for publication. It has an easy workflow: simply place your precast of mini gel on the transillumination plate and capture your image. The automated pre-set capture buttons guides you through the image capture process. The control panel enables easy selection of emission filters and lighting. Images are publication-ready and highly quantifiable. They are clear and ready for analysis. Gel imaging is an easy job.

Minimum effort, maximum imaging capabilities

The GelTower utilizes a built-in midrange 302 nm UV transilluminator. The imaging capabilities can be maximized by adding interchangeable sample plates to view a wide range of fluorophore and colorimetric stains. Selection of optional sample plates that convert 302 nm UV:

  • ƒƒVisi-Blue™ Light Plate: Converts UV to 460/470 nm for viewing stains such as SYBR® Greenand GelGreenTM.
  • White Light Plate: Converts UV to white light for viewing Coomassie Blue and silver stained gels.
  • Longwave UV Plate: Converts 302 nm UV to 365nm UV, which reduces photonicking of samples.

A Black Sample Plate is included with the GelTower for placement of samples not requiring transillumination lighting. A Sample Plate Holder is available for storage of the plates.


Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
AJ 849-00510-2 GelTower