UVsolo Touch - Stand alone gel documentation system

  • Stand alone system
  • Includes a light-sensitive black & white camera
  • High resolution
  • High contrast image capturing
  • With LCD touch-screen
  • Image saving via USB, integraded computer or through network connection

UVsolo is a compact stand alone system for gel documentation without the need for an extra computer. Images can be saved through the internal computer, network connected computers or an USB drive.

The UVsolo is a perfect system that allows you to easily capture images of your gels without extensive training needs.

UVsolo brings you easiness and flexibilty

Experience easy and flexible gel documentation with the UVsolo:

  • The touch screen with image acquisition software is easy to use and the screen is easy to clean
  • Images can be saved on USB, the internal computer or through a network connected computer. This makes the system highly flexible and ideal for groups with many different users
  • The UVsolo filters are easy to change so different fluorescent staining dyes can be used without a hassle
  • Since the system is very compact, it requires minimum bench space
  • The UVsolo has a self-explanatory operation and maximum UV protection, which makes it a system for everyone!


UVsolo's specific features highlighted

The UVsolo has several specific features which provides you with the easiness and flexibility you need for gel documentation.

UV transilluminator with UV switch:

The 849-00500-2 version includes a filter size of 20cm x 20cm for small to middle sized gels.

The 849-00501-2 version includes a filter size of 25cm x 25cm for larger sized gels.

Both systems include a UV switch that allows you to control UV intensity in 3 levels.

UV protection:

For your safety, both systems include several specs that keep you protected form UV light. For example, when you open the front door, UV light is automatically switched off. In addition, you can view your gel under UV illumintaion through the gel viewing window in the front door. For cutting gels, two side doors are included.

Analysis of gel images:

Typically, you can view, save and print images of your gels. To further explore gel analysis, an optional gel analysis software is available that allows you to calculate fragment sizes or quantify sample material in a flash.

Converter plates:

Optional converter plates are available that allows you to document gel images at 365 nm through conversion of 302nm.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 849-00502-2 UVsolo touch
AJ 849-00503-2 UVsolo 2 touch