UVP GelStudio Gel Documentation Systems

  • Ideal for imaging and documentation of DNA and Protein gels, blue/white excitable dyes, TLC plates, colorimetry, colony plates, and fluorescent dyes
  • Acquire high quality images with an efficient photon-to-signal conversion 5 MP camera.
  • Wide aperture lens optics, 8-48mm f/1.2, capture more light in low-light applications
  • Available as either a PC-operated unit or as a stand-alone instrument with an integrated color touchscreen
  • Overhead white, green, red and blue LEDs come as standard in the series
  • Includes Ethidium Bromide emission filter in an easy-to-access filter wheel with up to five positions
  • Includes unlimited copies of VisionWorks Software, with comprehensive features, optimizes image acquisition and analysis

All GelStudio systems come with a 302 nm UV transilluminator and overhead RGBW LEDs as standard enabling a wide scope of fluorescent and nonfluorescent imaging applications. The included Ethidium Bromide emission filter allows for imaging of the most common applications; optional accessories such as additional emission filters, conversion screens and epi-UV sources add further versatility to the systems on demand.

Optimize your application with the use of the UVP GelStudio’s extremely sensitive camera to deliver uncompromised raw data, promising the highest quantitative value. All imagers are operated using VisionWorks Software, guaranteeing powerful capture, quantitating and analysis. Application-based icons for automation, which are included in the software package, offer one-touch capture. The software allows for creating custom icons and workflows based on users’ needs. Extensive image enhancement and analysis tools give users control to personalize their experiments and make use of enhancement and annotation features including noise reduction, background subtraction, inversion, pseudocolor, compositing and more.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 849-00552-2 UVP GelStudio PLUS
AJ 849-00553-2 UVP GelStudio PLUS touch
AJ 849-85-0007-01 UVP UV-transparent Gel-Tray, 23 x 29 cm
AJ 849-85-0011-01 UVP UV-transparent Gel-Tray, 16.8 x 21 cm
AJ 849-97-0852-02 UVP GelStudio touch
AJ 849-97-0852-04 UVP GelStudio