Hybridization ovens

  • Four different types
  • Carousel for multiple bottle/tube sizes
  • Variable rotor speed (10-15 rpm)
  • Microprocessor controlled incubation temperature
  • Wide temperature range
  • Orbital motion tray or rocker tray option

Thorough and easy mixing of materials under controlled temperature

Hybridization ovens are ideal for thorough mixing of materials and perfectly suited for Northern-, Western- and Southern blots as well as in situ hybridization and binding of nucleic acids to transfer membranes.

With a wide temperature range depending on the type of the oven, an internal circulating fan and a touch-sensitive keypad, temperature control is highly efficient and easy. A large LED display shows the current chamber temperature.

The OV500 Minidizer Hybridization Oven

The OV500 is a cost-effective device that does not require a lot of lab space and ideal for blotting membrane incubations. The rotary wheel can hold 4 bottles of 35mm x 150mm or 8 tubes of 50 or 15 mL and rotates with a speed of 12rpm. Temperature ranges between 10 degrees above room temperature and 80 degrees.


The OV1000 Hybridization Oven

The rotary wheel of the OV1000 can hold 20 bottles of 35mm x 150mm/100mm, 10 bottles of 35mm x 300mm or a combination of the various sizes. In addition, to create a rocking motion, the rotary wheel can be replaced by a rocker tray or plate. Rotation speed and variable speed is under the control of the microprocessor

The OV2000 Hybridization Oven

The OV2000 Hybridization Oven consists of two compartements. The upper chamber has the same features as the OV1000  Hybridization Oven. The lower chamber is a 254nm UV crosslinker and provides uniform shortwave (254nm) ultraviolet radiation exposure maintained by five 254nm UV tubes. This compartment features an internal interlocking system for added safety. The two chambers, hybridization oven and crosslinker, can operate independently due to their seperate power supply.

The OV4000 Hybridization Oven

The OV4000 Hybridization Oven also consists of two compartements. The lower chamber features the OV1000 Hybridization Oven with its specific features. The upper chamber offers several motion functions: shaking, orbital rocking and rotating all in one unit. This upper chamber can be used with a reciprocating shaker tray, an orbital rocker tray or an acrylic carousel. The OV4000 allows for hybridization and blotting procedures that require different containers, motion or temperature settings.


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 846-052-001 Large Hybridization Bottle 300 x 35 mm
AJ 846-052-002 Medium Hybridization Bottle 150 x 35 mm
AJ 846-052-003 Small Hybridization Bottle 100 x 35 mm
AJ 846-052-006 Meshes large 230x230 mm (5)
AJ 846-052-007 Meshes small 150 x 100 mm (5)
AJ 846-052-008 Bottle Stand
AJ 846-052-009 Rotisserie for overhead shaking
AJ 846-052-017 Spring clamps for 3,5 cm bottles (2)
AJ 846-052-018 Spring clamps for 50 ml Falcon tubes (2)
AJ 846-052-022 Cap for hybridization bottle incl. O-ring seal for OV (2)
AJ 849-30002-3 OV 2000
AJ 849-30050-0 Rocker Tray (for OV 4000, OV 2000, OV 1000)
AJ 849-30051-0 Orbital Motion Tray (for OV 4000, OV 2000, OV 1000)
AJ 849-30052-0 Reciprocating Shaker Tray (for OV 4000)
AJ 849-30053-0 Bottle Carousel Holder
AJ 849-30054-0 Bottle Holder Carousel
AJ 849-30057-0 Carousel, Acrylic (for upper chamber OV 4000)
AJ 849-30058-0 Carousel Kit for Four Oversized Bottles
AJ 849-30059-0 Carousel for (10) 50ml Conical Bottles
AJ 849-30060-0 Drip Tray (for Lower Chamber OV 4000)
AJ 849-30061-0 Hood, Acrylic (for Upper Chamber)
AJ 849-30062-0 Roller Assembly
AJ 849-30063-0 Roller, Insert and Cam Assembly
AJ 849-30064-0 Drip Tray
AJ 849-30065-0 Drip Tray (for Upper Chamber OV 4000)
AJ 849-30080-0 Hybridization bottle large, 30 x 3.5 cm incl. cap, O-ring and PFTE seal
AJ 849-30081-0 Hybridization bottle medium, 15 x 3.5 cm incl. cap, O-ring and PFTE seal
AJ 849-30082-0 Hybridization bottle small, 10 x 3.5 cm incl. cap, O-ring and PFTE seal
AJ 849-30083-0 Bottle cap incl. O-ring and PFTE seal
AJ 849-30084-0 Nylon meshes 15 x 10 cm
AJ 849-30085-0 Nylon meshes 23 x 23 cm