Rocking Table RT26

  • For shaking of flasks, bottles and dye pans with gentle rocking
  • Shaking frequencing is 10-120 tilts/min
  • Suitable for use in cold room and incubators
  • Tilt angle 7°C
  • Incuding flat rubber pad
Rocking Table RT26

The Rocking Table RT 26 is ideal for applications requiring mixing or agitation of solutions, e.g. staining and destaining, for scientific purposes. It is used for the shaking of vessels - particularly flasks, bottles and dye pans - with a gentle rocking motion. Vessels are placed on the rubber pad that is supplied with the rocker and is easy to replace. Vessels must be secured to the shaking platform in central position and evenly spaced.

Rocking frequency is adjustable from 10 to 120 tilts/min with an angle inclination of 7°C.


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Cat no. Description
AJ 846-042-200 Rocking Table RT 26