OneTouch Pipette Tips

  • Minimal force required for a perfect fit
  • No more "banging" tips in the rack
  • Ideal for multi-channel pipettors
  • Also available in a "green" cardboard tip rack.

The OneTouch Tip is made of two different kinds of plastic. The plastic used to fit the pipet is made a little softer which makes it easier to fit.

Beside the common plastic boxes there is a whole new type of box, the paperboard box. After you finish the tips simply put it in the paper waste so it can be recycled.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Sorenson (MulTI) website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
MU 10300 OneTouch TIP 10/20ul, 96/rack, non sterile 96x50
MU 10310 OneTouch TIP 10/20ul, 96/rack, sterile, 50x96
MU 10320 OneTouch Filter Tip 10/20ul, 10x96 Cell Rack
MU 10330 OneTouch 200ul tip plastic racks 50x96
MU 10340 OneTouch 200ul tip sterile in plastic racks 50x96
MU 10350 OneTouch 200ul filter tip sterile plastic 10x96
MU 10360 OneTouch TIP 1000ul, rack, non sterile 40x96
MU 10370 OneTouch TIP 1000ul, rack, sterile 40x96
MU 10380 OneTouch Filter Tip 100ul, Cell Rack 8x96
MU 10390 OneTouch TIP 10/20ul, 96/rack, sterile, E-deck, 50x96
MU 10400 OneTouch 10 µl Filter Tips Sterile E-dek 50x96
MU 10410 OneTouch 200ul tip sterile in paper rack 50x96
MU 10420 OneTouch 200ul filter tip ster. paper rack 10x96
MU 10510 OneTouch 100 µl Filter Tips Sterile Rack 10x96