FinnPipette Novus Electronic Pipettes

  • Lightweight handle, index finger operation
  • 10 modes incl.: forward, reverse, stepper & dilute
  • Easy intuitive menu on large screen
  • Nine aspirate/dispense speeds
  • Save up to 9 pipetting programs

Electronic pipetting made easy

Finnpipette Novus makes the move to electronic pipetting easier and more comfortable than you ever imagined. It combines the control and lightweight features of a manual pipette and adds significantly higher throughput, precision and enhanced comfort.

Easy to learn, program and use

For users new to electronic pipetting, Novus features an intuitive text-guided graphical user interface – available in 7 different languages with one-press access to basic pipetting functions such as multidispensing, forward, and reverse pipetting.

The combination of its lightweight design and soft-touch tip ejection makes Novus the safe and comfortable choice for heavy-duty pipetting applications. Its unique index-finger operation allows your thumb to relax during pipetting. Novus also ensures your data integrity by storing programs and monitoring the number of pipetting steps between calibration intervals to provide quality, consistent results

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Thermo Scientific website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
TH 2209480 Finnpipette Novus Adapter for Carousel Stand (3)
TH 2209490 Finnpipette Novus Adapter for Carousel Stand (1)
TH 46200000 Finnpipette Novus 1-10µl Micro
TH 46200100 Finnpipette Novus 1-10µl Universal
TH 46200200 Finnpipette Novus 5-50µl Micro
TH 46200300 Finnpipette Novus 5-50µl Universal
TH 46200400 Finnpipette Novus 10-100µl
TH 46200500 Finnpipette Novus 30-300µl
TH 46200600 Finnpipette Novus 100-1000µl
TH 46200700 Finnpipette Novus 0.5-5ml
TH 46200800 Finnpipette Novus 1-10ml
TH 46300000 Finnpipette Novus 8-channel 1-10µl
TH 46300100 Finnpipette Novus 12-channel 1-10µl
TH 46300200 Finnpipette Novus 8-channel 5-50µl
TH 46300300 Finnpipette Novus 12-channel 5-50µl
TH 46300400 Finnpipette Novus 8-channel 30-300µl
TH 46300500 Finnpipette Novus 12-channel 30-300µl
TH 46300700 Finnpipette Novus 16-channel 5-50µl
TH 46300800 Finnpipette Novus 8-channel 1200µl
TH 4700470 Finnpipette Novus GLP Kit 1
TH 4700490 Finnpipette Novus GLP Kit 2
TH 4701120 Finnpipette Novus GLP Kit 3
TH 4701130 Finnpipette Novus GLP Kit 4
TH 9420360 Finnpipette Novus stand