Tissue Homogenization Beads - innuSPEED

  • Mechanical disruption of a very large variety of starting materials
  • Prepare tough samples for isolating nucleic acids or proteins
  • Variety of bead materials and sizes: glass, ceramic, steel
  • Compatible with different homogenizer instruments

A range of beads for homogenization of any sample

InnuSPEED Lysis Tubes contain beads that are used for the disruption of samples using homogenizers such as the Speedmill Plus Bead Homogenizer. A range of tubes is available suitable for a wide variety of sample types.

Homogenization beads allow you to completely and reproducibly homogenize even the toughest starting materials, such as cartilage, bone, nails, insects, ticks, soil, wood and seeds. For this purpose tubes contain glass beads, ceramic beads, steel beads or combinations. The tubes have a volume of either 0.5 or 2.0 ml and have a screw cap and skirted base.


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Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 845-CS-1010050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube A - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1010100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube A - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1010250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube A - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1020050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube P - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1020100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube P - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1020250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube P - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1030050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube B - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1030100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube B - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1030250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube B - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1040050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube C - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1040100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube C - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1040250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube C - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1050050 Lysis Tube D - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1050100 Lysis Tube D - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1050250 Lysis Tube D - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1060050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube S - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1060100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube S - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1060250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube S - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1070050 innuSPEED Lysis Tube E - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1070100 innuSPEED Lysis Tube E - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1070250 innuSPEED Lysis Tube E - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1090050 Lysis Tube F - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1090100 Lysis Tube F - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1090250 Lysis Tube F - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1100050 Lysis Tube H - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1100100 Lysis Tube H - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1100250 Lysis Tube H - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1110050 Lysis Tube I - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1110100 Lysis Tube I - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1110250 Lysis Tube I - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1120050 Lysis Tube J - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1120100 Lysis Tube J - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1120250 Lysis Tube J - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1130050 Lysis Tube G - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1130100 Lysis Tube G - 00 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1130250 Lysis Tube G - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1140050 Lysis Tube W - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1140100 Lysis Tube W - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1140250 Lysis Tube W - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1150050 Lysis Tube X - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1150100 Lysis Tube X - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1150250 Lysis Tube X - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1160050 Lysis Tube Y - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1160100 Lysis Tube Y - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1160250 Lysis Tube Y - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1170050 Lysis Tube Z - 50 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1170100 Lysis Tube Z - 100 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1170250 Lysis Tube Z - 250 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1180006 innuSPEED Lysis Tube Q - 6 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1180012 innuSPEED Lysis Tube Q - 12 tubes
AJ 845-CS-1180024 innuSPEED Lysis Tube Q - 24 tubes