Nanophotometer Small-volume Spectrophotometers

  • No maintenance: no re-calibration, no re-conditioning
  • Lifetime warranty on system accuracy
  • 1 ┬Ál sample volume
  • No sample evaporation: high accuracy
  • Easy touchscreen operation and data export

Nanophotometer: no recalibration, no reconditioning

NanophotometerThe Nanophotometer works with accurate path lengths defined by high-precision metal parts. Depending on the sample absorbance the instrument automatically choses the right path length for achieving best measurement results. The illuminated sample window is made of fully scratch-resistant quartz.

Unlike Nanodrop-type instruments, no recalibration or reconditioning is necessary, We guarantee lifetime accuracy of the Nanophotometer without any recalibration.

Accurate measurement without sample evaporation

Sample Compression Technology™ provides unmatched precision and accuracy with reliable measurement geometry of any type of sample. This includes both regular nucleic acid samples and more challenging samples with low surface tension such as protein solutions.

Samples are completely enclosed in a stable micro-environment during the entire measurement process. Evaporation and contamination of samples are reduced to a minimum. Even stable kinetic measurements in small volume samples are possible as well as the determination of samples in volatile organic solvents.

Easy-to-use portable unit with flexible data export

The Nanophotometer has a built-in computer with 8 GB of onboard memory for fast storage of methods and data. In addition it offers a choice of Wi-Fi, USB A/B, HDMI and LAN connections to export your data anywhere.

You can take the small, light-weight unit anywhere - even where you don't have an electric socket. With the optional battery pack you have up to 8 hours of stand-alone operation.

Another great option is the glove compatible touch-screen, which makes your measurements intuitive, fast and convenient.

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IM N50 NanoPhotometer N50
IM N50-Touch NanoPhotometer N50 Touch
IM N60 NanoPhotometer N60
IM N60-Mobile NanoPhotometer N60 Mobile
IM N60-Touch NanoPhotometer N60 Touch
IM NP80 NanoPhotometer NP80
IM NP80-Mobile NanoPhotometer NP80 Mobile
IM NP80-Touch NanoPhotometer NP80 Touch