ScanDrop Nanovolume Spectrophotometer

The ScanDrop combines the advantage for easy measurement of micro litre volumes down to 0.5 µl with a standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes.

That makes this instrument exceptionally versatile for daily routine. The modular system is either available as single micro litre instrument, as standard 10 mm position instrument or as a combination of both.

Unlike other systems no warm up time is necessary but almost immediately ready-to-use after turning on thanks to a long life xenon-flash-lamp. Additional highlight is the new portable user-interface HID-Pro 320 with a 5.7” touch colour screen, which turns the ScanDrop into a fully functional and space-saving stand-alone system.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Analytik Jena website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
AJ 820-60145-0 Bath thermostat A 106 T for ScanDrop
AJ 820-60147-0 Compact cooling thermostat for ScanDrop
AJ 844-00050-2 HID Pro 320, portable user interface (ScanDrop)
AJ 844-00200-2 ScanDrop 100, nano volume spectrophotometer
AJ 844-00201-2 ScanDrop 200, nano volume spectrophotometer
AJ 844-00202-2 ScanDrop 250, nano volume spectrophotometer
AJ 844-00203-2 ScanDrop2
AJ 844-00204-2 ScanDrop2 (without Control unit)
AJ 844-00210-0 Cell holder for ScanDrop
AJ 844-00211-0 Cell holder for ScanDrop
AJ 844-00212-0 Peltier cooled cell holder for ScanDrop
AJ 844-00220-0 Butterfly Cuvette for ScanDrop2
AJ 844-00221-0 CHIPCUVETTE Adapter for ScanDrop2
AJ 844-00222-0 Standard Cuvette Adapter for ScanDrop2
AJ 844-70201-0 CHIPCUVETTE - 25
AJ 844-70202-0 CHIPCUVETTE, 10 pieces
AJ 844-70210-0 Validation CHIPCUVETTE
AJ 844-70211-0 Pipetting aid