Swift Amplicon 16S + ITS Panel

  • NGS profiling of complex metagenomic samples
  • Covers all variable regions of the 16S rRNA, ITS1 and ITS2 genes in a single primer pool
  • Unique amplicon chemistry generates diverse clusters without PhiX or phased primers
  • Saves costs: flexibility with Illumina┬« sequencers and read lengths
  • Illumina┬« ready libraries within 2 hours

Single tube comprehensive NGS 16S + ITS metagenomics

The Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel facilitates NGS analysis of complex microbial communities (bacteria, archaea and fungi) using a single multiplexed primer pool targeting the 16S rRNA (variable regions 1-9) and ITS genes.

Complete variable region coverage for bacteria, archaea & fungal identification

Conventional 16S rRNA gene assays target only V3-V4, or use region-specific single-plex primers that require phased reverse primers and result in low complexity libraries with limited sensitivity and low-quality sequencing.

The Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS panel generates libraries covering all variable regions of 16S and fungal ITS1/ITS2 targets in a fast, single-tube workflow. The unique multiplex PCR chemistry generates diverse clusters without PhiX or phased primers.

Superior Representation of a Diverse Microbial Community Versus V3-V4 Only

The Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel covering all V1-V9 regions provides sensitive detection and accurate representation of each species in the sample compared to standard methods interrogating the V3-V4 region alone. Organisms marked in red were underrepresented by V3-V4 only method. Input DNA was a mix of 20 bacterial species (ATCC MSA-1003) tested with the Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel, sequenced with Illumina® MiSeq® V3 (2x300bp reads).

Swift Amplicon 16S + ITS Panel Specifications

Input DNA (+ tested range) 1 ng DNA (tested with 10 pg - 50 ng
Amplicons 5 amplicons for 16S rRNA ; 2 amplicons for fungal ITS
Average amplicon size 475 bp
Genes covered 16S rRNA: V1-V9 - Fungal ITS1+ITS2
Assay format Single-tube multiplex PCR
Time required 2 hours from DNA to Illumina-ready library
Components provided Target specific primer pool, PCR & library prep reagents, indexed adapters
Depth recommendations 100-300K reads per sample
Multiplexing capability 96 or more libraries on Illumina MiSeq v2
Compatible platforms Illumina MiSeq, MiniSeq


Applications and sample types

  • Metagenomics: bacteria + archaea (16S) and fungi (ITS)
  • Environmental: air, water, wastewater
  • Agriculture: plant microbiome - surface, roots, soil
  • Human microbiome: skin, mouth, gastrointestinal tract, stool
  • Forensics: microbiome to establish time of death

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Swift Biosciences website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
SW AL-51648 Swift Amplicon 16S + ITS panel - 48 reactions
SW AL-51696 Swift Amplicon 16S + ITS Panel - 96 reactions