• Low DNA input: 100 pg–10 ng DNA
  • Works with single and double stranded DNA
  • No adapter ligation: easy, single-tube protocol
  • Chip-Seq library ready in 4 hours

The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit is a robust and reliable tool for ChIP-seq applications, especially if you have only a small amount of DNA (100 pg–10 ng) from your ChIP experiment.

A ChIP-Seq protocol that is fast and ligation-free

ChIP-Seq protocolDNA SMART technology eliminates the need for an adapter ligation step and associated clean-up. This streamlined protocol is enabled by the SMARTScribe Reverse Transcriptase (RT) which copies the DNA template and adds a few additional nucleotides to the 3′ end of the newly synthesized DNA. The DNA SMART Oligo base-pairs with these additional non-template nucleotides and creates an extended template, enabling the SMARTScribe RT to switch template and continue to the end of the oligonucleotide. Sequencing libraries are then amplified by PCR using primers containing Illumina adapters.

Use as little as 100 pg DNA, single- or double stranded

The DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit uses a combined size selection and clean-up step after library amplification by PCR. Compared to other protocols that perform size selection before PCR amplification, post-PCR size selection results in a higher yield while maintaining the quality of the libraries. This means you get high-quality ChIP-Seq data at low input levels (100 pg–10 ng). The number of unique, non-duplicate reads is high across all input levels, and the number of peaks identified is similar across input amounts.

In addition, the SMART technology used works with both double-stranded and single-stranded DNA, making this kit ideal for ChIP-seq library preparation.

Get your ChIP-Seq library in 4 hours

The simple, one-tube workflow and library preparation can be completed in approximately four hours. 

Ordering information

Please note that as from July 1st, 2017 these products are no longer available from Westburg. They will soon be removed from the website.
Cat no. Description
CL 634865 DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 12, 12 Rxns
CL 634866 DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 48A, 48 Rxns
CL 634867 DNA SMART ChIP-Seq Kit - 48B, 48 Rxns
CL 634887 ChIP Elute Kit - 50 Rxns