EpiXplore Meth-Seq DNA Enrichment Kit

  • Easy separation of methylated and unmethylated DNA fractions
  • Sample input 25 ng–1 µg sheared genomic DNA
  • Generate Illumina-ready sequencing libraries in 6 hours
  • Ligation-free: prevents loss of precious DNA sample

The EpiXplore Meth-Seq DNA Enrichment Kit is an all-in-one kit for isolation and NGS library prep of methylated and unmethylated DNA fractions.

This kit simplifies sequencing of methylated DNA by offering:

  • A simple protocol for enriching both methylated and unmethylated DNA from inputs of 25 ng–1 µg of fragmented genomic DNA
  • A streamlined workflow for generating Illumina-ready sequencing libraries from sheared genomic DNA inputs in just 6 hours
  • An efficient method for adding adapters without ligation or the associated cleanup, reducing the loss of limited input DNA

Easy enrichment of methylated DNA

His-tagged MBD2 protein captures methylated DNA from the sheared genomic DNA sample. The methylated DNA is separated by fast Capturem his-tag column purification; the unmethylated DNA fraction is in the flow-through.

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Cat no. Description
CL 635023 EpiXplore Meth-Seq DNA Enrichment Kit - 12 Rxns