Westburg NGS DNA Library Prep Kit

  • Unbiased enzymatic fragmentation
  • Highly consistent and tunable fragment size
  • Wide input range: 1-1000 ng
  • PCR-free for samples >100 ng
  • Single-tube, fully automatable library prep
  • Excellent coverage uniformity, similar to shearing

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Enzymatic fragmentation and library prep in a single tube

The Westburg NGS DNA Library Prep Kit is based on reliable and low-bias enzymatic fragmentation. The simple, straightforward protocol combines DNA fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing in 1 single step and proceeds with adaptor ligation in the same tube without intermediate cleanup steps.

This workflow reduces library prep time to less than 2 hours, with minimal hands-on time and minimal risk of variability. In addition it's a lot easier to automate, compared to mechanical fragmentation methods, such as Covaris shearing.

Highly consistent, tunable fragment size

By simply adjusting the fragmentation time, you can easily fine-tune the fragment size. This way, any desired peak fragment size between 200-600bp can be achieved, to match your specific sequencing applications.

The fragmentation is highly reproducible across different samples, different DNA sources, different GC-percentages and different production lots. This ensures reliable, consistent results.

No GC bias, excellent coverage uniformity

The Westburg NGS DNA Library Prep Kit yields a highly uniform genome coverage, at an average sequencing depth of 25x, delivering sensitive and reliable sequencing data.

Similar to mechanical fragmentation, our enzymatic fragmentation process is sequence-independent and yields consistent coverage across a wide range of GC content. This means that you can be confident that your sequencing data will cover the entire genome, including GC-rich and AT-rich stretches.

The excellent coverage performance delivers reliable and sensitive Whole Genome Sequencing data.

Wide input range, PCR-free for samples >100 ng

Between 1 ng and 1 µg DNA can be used as sample input. The combination of a highly efficient adaptor ligation and having only 1 cleanup step, results in very high library yields. As a consequence, for sample inputs of 100 ng and more library amplification step is not even necessary. This further increases NGS data quality.

In case a library amplification is needed, the Westburg NGS Library Amplification Mix (available separately) provides high-yield, high-fidelity amplification with a very low sequence bias.

"NoFrag" kit format for fragmented DNA samples

If your DNA samples are already fragmented, such as cfDNA from liquid biopsies, choose the new NoFrag format. It does not contain the fragmentation module, so you can immediately proceed with the library preparation using the same chemistry for different types of samples.

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Cat no. Description
WB 9024 Westburg NGS DNA Library Prep Kit - 24 reactions
WB 9224 Westburg NGS NoFrag Library Prep Kit – 24rxn
WB 9296 Westburg NGS NoFrag Library Prep Kit – 96rxn