Swift Hybridization Capture Panels

  • Targeted sequencing panels for human exome, pan-cancer and inherited diseases
  • Superior on-target performance
  • Pre-capture multiplexing allows far more efficient NGS
  • Deep and uniform coverage even across GC-rich regions

Enrichment of the human exome or subsets of disease-related genes

Swift Hybridization Capture Panels offer probes for DNA hybridization capture-based target enrichment. The Swift panels consist of individually synthesized and quality-controlled probes designed to provide the highest level of performance and ready to hybridize to NGS libraries to enrich for targets of interest. The Swift Hyb, Wash and Universal Blocker kit completes the target enrichment workflow.

Highest On-Target Performance

An independent, large genome center compared the Swift Exome Hyb Panel to exome panels from other vendors. Sequencing libraries were prepared using standard shearing and ligation-based library prep, and then 12-plex pooled. Enriched libraries were sequenced using 2 x 100 paired-ended reads. On-target bases were determined with Picard (selected bases), using 35M reads per library. The Swift Exome Hyb Panel had the highest on-target mapping.

Swift Hyb Kits include gene-specific capture probes and supporting hybridization and wash reagents, including beads and blockers. When used in conjunction with Swift’s portfolio of library preparation kits including library adapters with molecular identifiers, labs have a variety of complete workflow options to convert input DNA into targeted Illumina®-compatible libraries in a 1.5-day workflow.

Applications and sample types

  • Detection of germline inherited SNVs and Indels
  • Low frequency somatic variant detection of SNVs and Indels
  • Copy number variant detection


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Swift Biosciences website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
SW 83216 Swift Exome Hyb Panel (16 rxns)
SW 83316 Swift Pan-Cancer Hyb Panel (16 rxns)
SW 83416 Swift Inherited Diseases Hyb Panel (16 rxns)
SW 88016 Swift Hyb and Wash Kit (16 rxns)
SW 88196 Swift Library Amplification Primer Mix (96 rxns)
SW 89016 Swift Hyb, Wash, and Universal Blocker Kit (16 rxns)