Swift Normalase Kit

  • Enzymatic NGS library quantification and normalisation
  • Less effort, less time, higher throughput
  • Yields consistent library concentrations
  • No qPCR or manual dilutions needed
  • Compatible with many NGS workflows

Radically streamline NGS Library normalisation

Is NGS library normalisation slowing you down? Tired of endless qPCRs, calculations and dilutions?

Then check out Swift Normalase, a simple enzymatic normalization procedure that consistently yields NGS libraries with a defined molar concentration. It takes minimal steps and hands-on time and dramatically speeds up your NGS workflow.

The first step of Normalase replaces conventional library amplification, but integrates special primers to pre-condition the libraries, which is followed by two 15-minute incubations to normalize libraries to 4 nM within a single pool.

Fastest, Easiest Workflow

The benefits of Normalase to traditional library quantification methods are that normalization is by molarity vs. by mass, is quantification-free, and does not require individual concentration adjustment or fragment size estimate of each library.

Robust Library Balancing

A. Libraries generated with 1-250 ng DNA were amplified with Normalase primers with the recommended number of PCR cycles to yield ≥12 nM, as confirmed by qPCR.

Libraries were then either normalized with Normalase (B) or manually diluted to 4 nM based on the qPCR quantification and pooled (C): Both pools were sequenced on individual Illumina MiSeq v2 Standard flowcells 1x50 cycles.

B. The Normalase normalized libraries loaded at 12 pM clustered at 892 K/mm2 and the index balance variation was calculated to be a CV of 5.6%.

C. qPCR manually normalized libraries loaded at 10 pM clustered at 848 K/mm2 and the index balance variation was calculated to be a CV of 23%.

Both library pools performed within specifications of MiSeq clustering but Normalase provided 4-fold better library balancing.

Compatible NGS workflows

  • Libraries with full-length indexed adapters
  • Libraries that have an amplified yield of consistently ≥12nM (20μL volume)
  • Libraries prepared for direct sequencing (i.e., whole genome, whole transcriptome)
  • Target enriched library pools post-hybridization capture

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
SW 66096 Swift Normalase Kit (96 reactions)