Magnetic Separator for PCR Strips

  • Holds up to 24 0.2-ml PCR tubes
  • Captures magnetic beads in 10–20 min
  • Well-suited for most Clontech NGS products

The Magnetic Separator for PCR Strips is designed for separation of magnetic beads (like AMPure XP beads; Beckman Coulter), from solution. This stand holds up to 24 0.2-ml PCR tubes in two rows, and is designed for capture of magnetic beads in 10–20 minutes.

It is ideally suited for magnetic bead-based DNA purification and size selection techniques as used with most Clontech products for next-generation sequencing.

Ordering information

Please note that as from July 1st, 2017 these products are no longer available from Westburg. They will soon be removed from the website.
Cat no. Description
CL 635011 Magnetic Separator for PCR Tube Strip