RiboGone Ribosomal RNA Removal Kit - Mammalian

  • Deplete ≥95% of ribosomal RNA sequences
  • Use any quality RNA, intact or degraded (FFPE)
  • Low input: start with 10–100 ng total RNA
  • For human, mouse, and rat total RNA samples

Get your ribo sequences down to (almost) zero

Get rid of ribosomal RNA sequences from your total RNA samples before you sequence them. 

The RiboGone - Mammalian kit specifically eliminates 5S, 5.8S, 18S and 28S nuclear ribo RNA and 12S mitochondrial RNA sequences from human, mouse, or rat total RNA samples. This cuts down the percentage of rRNA sequence reads to almost zero (1-5%)

Works with intact and fragmented RNA (FFPE)

When samples contain fragmented RNA, such as FFPE derived RNA, cDNA synthesis has to be done by random priming. To avoid a vast amount of useless ribosomal sequence reads, rRNA must be removed from these samples before cDNA is synthesized. Find out here how to get a complete transcriptome data set out of both intact and degraded RNA from FFPE samples.

Got small samples? No problem!

Are you working with small samples, such as FFPE tissue, LCM material or small cell populations? No problem with RiboGone. You need just 10-100 ng of total RNA to start with to get excellent RNA-Seq data in the end.

Easy protocol

RiboGone rRNA removal

Curious how this easy protocol works in detail? Learn more here.

Deplete rRNA and keep the other non-coding sequences

RiboGone Mammalian depletes rRNA efficiently and keeps the noncoding transcripts for transcriptome analysis. Libraries generated from RiboGone-treated RNA have comparably low rRNA reads to oligo(dT)-enriched RNA, but retain much more noncoding reads.

rRNA removal efficiency

Seamless integration with Clontech NGS cDNA synthesis kits

Samples processed using the RiboGone kit are ready for cDNA synthesis with any random-primed SMARTer RNA-Seq kit including the SMARTer Stranded RNA-Seq Kit.

The SMARTer Stranded Total RNA Sample Prep Kit - HI for up to 1 µg RNA already includes the RiboGone kit

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Cat no. Description
CL 634846 RiboGone rRNA Removal Kit Mammalian - 6 Reactions
CL 634847 RiboGone rRNA Removal Kit Mammalian - 24 Reactions