SMART-Seq v4 3’ Differential Expression Kit

  • Use only 1-100 cells or 10 pg-1 ng RNA
  • High sensitivity, better reproducibility
  • More GC-rich genes detected
  • mRNA end-capture: less reads needed for differential expression analysis

SCDE: Differential expression analysis of single cells by NGS

Now you can quickly identify expression differences between single cells without sequencing the entire transcriptome. The SMART-Seq v4 3’ DE library prep kit focuses on the 3’-ends of mRNA transcripts. This is sufficient for differential expression analysis and greatly reduces the number of reads required for gene quantitation. For you this means lower sequencing costs.

The kit generates high-quality indexed cDNA libraries directly from 1–100 cells or 10 pg–1 ng total RNA. You can use a convenient input volume of 1–10.5 μl. For the purpose of differential expression studies, this kit improves on the SMART-Seq v4 Ultra® Low Input RNA Kit for Sequencing by decreasing the total cost and time for sequencing while maintaining superior performance.

3'-end capture

12 libraries prepared from individual single K562 cells were sequenced and the 3' end-capture method validated by determining where the majority of reads were occurring along each transcript. As seen in the figure below, the majority of sequencing reads mapped within a normalized distance of 30% to the 3énd of the transcripts.

Multiplex up to 1152 samples per sequencing lane

In addition to focusing on the 3’ ends of transcripts, this kit also uses in-line indexes (IL1–IL12) as cell barcodes to enable you to pool your samples prior to sequencing and then demultiplex the samples after sequencing. You can pool up to 12 samples for each combination of Illumina indexes, so up to 1,152 samples to be processed per lane. This further reduces cost and time.

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