SMARTer Small RNA-Seq Kit

  • Lowest input: 1 ng - 2 µg total RNA or enriched smRNA
  • Sequence any small RNA of 15-150 nt: miRNA, siRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, snRNAs, etc.
  • SMARTer and LNA technologies provide highest sensitivity and accuracy, and the lowest bias
  • Fast single-tube method: no gel excision, no ligation

Sequence Small RNAs with High Sensitivity and Minimal Bias

The SMARTer Small RNA Sequencing Kit kit works with as little as 1 ng up to 2 µg total RNA or enriched small RNA samples. It incorporates features from the industry-leading SMART-Seq v4 kit, including SMART technology and locked nucleic acids (LNAs). Libraries are generated without ligation, which not only shortens the library prep time but also ensures that diverse small RNA species are represented with minimal bias.

Many of the well-known small RNA species - miRNAs, siRNAs, piRNAs and snoRNAs - range in size from 20 to 30 nt. The SMARTer smRNA-Seq Kit for Illumina has been specifically designed to generate high-quality Illumina-ready sequencing libraries from low-input amounts of small RNAs such as these. The kit enables analysis of any small RNA species between 15 and 150 nucleotides.

Accurate, sensitive detection of small RNA expression level

The superior accuracy of the SMARTer kit for small RNA-seq is demonstrated in a comparison with a kit based on adaptor ligation. Sequencing libraries were prepared with both kits from an equimolar pool of 963 synthetic miRNAs.

After sequencing, mapping, and counting of reads, miRNA expression levels (Y axis, log scale) were normalized, which theoretically should lead to an expression level of 1 for each miRNA. In the graph the different miRNAs are ranked along the X axis in order of expression level.

Using 1 ng input in the SMARTer smRNA-Seq Kit (purple line) a much higher percentage of sequences was detected close to the expected expression level of 1, with 55% of miRNAs within a 2-fold cutoff range, compared to 22% using the adapter ligation method on 100 ng RNA input (blue line). This shows the low sequence bias and high sensitivity of the SMARTer method compared to adaptor ligation.

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CL 635029 SMARTer smRNA-Seq Kit for Illumina - 12Rxns
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