SMARTer Targeted RNA Capture for Sequencing

  • Target-specific, sensitive RNA capture for Illumina sequencing
  • Identify rare gene fusions at low sequencing depth
  • Consistent enrichment and coverage across 10 ng–1 µg input RNA
  • Enriched targets maintain relative expression levels

Targeted RNA-Seq

SMARTer Target RNA Capture for Illumina is a targeted RNA-seq kit that leverages the sensitivity of SMART-Seq v4 technology to generate high-quality, full-length cDNA from enriched transcripts. The high sensitivity enables the detection of rare structural events such as gene fusions that might otherwise be missed in whole transcriptome RNA-seq, even at low sequencing depths.

With lower sequencing depth required, analysis time and experimental costs are reduced. Performance is consistent across input levels and different RNA types, and relative expression levels are maintained post-enrichment.

Efficient target RNA hybridization capture

In the SMARTer Target RNA Capture for Illumina workflow, total RNA is hybridized with user-designed biotinylated DNA probes in less than four hours, and then purified prior to capture on Capture Beads—magnetic particles coated with streptavidin.

The Capture Beads have been optimized to exhibit low adsorption of protein or nucleic acids, and do not interfere with downstream reactions such as PCR or reverse transcription. This allows cDNA synthesis while the RNA is still attached to the beads. SMART-Seq v4 cDNA synthesis enables high sensitivity, low background, and ensures the production of full-length cDNAs.

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Please note that as from July 1st, 2017 these products are no longer available from Westburg. They will soon be removed from the website.
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CL 635035 SMARTer Target RNA Capture for Illumina, 12 Rxns
CL 635036 SMARTer Target RNA Capture for Illumina, 48 Rxns
CL 635039 Capture Beads