MetaPhor Agarose

  • agarose with the resolution capabilities of polyacrylamide
  • Capable of resolving a 2% difference in fragments 20 bp and 800bp
  • Safer alternative to polyacrylamide gels.
MetaPhor® Agarose is an intermediate melting temperature agarose that provides twice the resolution capabilities of the finest sieving agarose products.

You can resolve DNA fragments, PCR and RT-PCR products, differing in size by 2%, in the range of 200 bp to 800 bp, by submarine gel electrophoresis. For example, a 200 bp DNA fragment can be separated from a 204 bp fragment.

Using fast running protocols DNA differing in size by 1% can be resolved in as little as 1.5 hours in a 20 cm long horizontal or vertical gel format.

MetaPhor agarose gels of 2-4% approximate the resolution of polyacrylamide gels of 4-8%. These agarose gels are ideal for resolving AMPFLPs, STRs, and tri- and tetranucleotide repeats.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Lonza website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LO 50180 MetaPhor Agarose 125g
LO 50181 MetaPhor Agarose 25g
LO 50184 MetaPhor Agarose 500g
LO 50185 MetaPhor Agarose 1000g