SeaPlaque Low Melting Agarose

  • Ideally suited for DNA and RNA fragment recovery from agarose gel
  • Wide fragment range: 200 bp - 25 kb
  • Suitable for cell cloning and viral plaque assays
  • GTG grade allows direct use in enzymatic reactions; ideal for large fragments

SeaPlaque LMP Agarose

SeaPlaque is a molecular biology grade low melting point agarose the produces gels with greater sieving properties and higher clarity than standard melting temperature agarose.

The low melting temperature of SeaPlaque agarose makes it ideal for preparative DNA and RNA electrophoresis, while its low gelling temperature is ideal for cloning of tissue culture cells and viral plaque assays. SeaPlaque Agarose has no detectable DNase or RNase activity.

SeaPlaque GTG: certified for downstream enzymatic reactions

GTG stands for "Genetic Technology Grade". This means that the agarose has been tested to be directly compatible with downstream enzymatic digestion, ligation, PCR and sequencing without additional DNA purification. Like the regular SeaPlaque Agarose the GTG variant is tested for the absence of proteases, ligases and nucleases. SeaPlaque GTG is ideal for separation and recovery of larger DNA fragments (>1kb)

High efficiency in-gel cloning with SeaPlaque GTG Agarose

Two lanes of Bst E II digest of lambda DNA were electrophoresed in a 1% SeaPlaque® GTG® Agarose gel prepared in 1X TAE. The 2.3 kb band was excised from each lane. One sample was ligated directly to pUC 19 in the presence of remelted agarose (In-gel) and the other sample was purified using a chaotrope-based recovery protocol (Recovered). Transformation into DH5αTM Cells was done following standard protocols.

High-efficiency in-gel cloning High-efficiency in-gel cloning

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Cat no. Description
LO 50100 SeaPlaque Agarose 125g
LO 50101 SeaPlaque Agarose 25g
LO 50104 SeaPlaque Agarose 500g
LO 50110 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose 125g
LO 50111 SeaPlaque GTG Agarose 25g