FlashGel Recovery System

  • Go from sample loading to pure DNA fragment in 10 minutes
  • Recover DNA directly by pipetting
  • No band excision or purification
  • Convenient: work at the bench, without UV light
  • 80-100% recovery

10-minute gel extraction, without extraction!

With the FlashGel Recovery System you no longer have to cut bands from gel and then purify them. Simply let the band migrate to a second well halfway the gel. There you can easily pipet out the pure DNA fragment, free from agarose,

Samples are recovered at 80-100% efficiency, free from inhibitors and ready for subsequent re-amplification, cloning or other techniques. No need to use a gel extraction kit or DNA cleanup kit.

Get started with the FlashGel Recovery Kit

To get started with fast DNA recovery from agarose gels: order our FlashGel Recovery Kit (Cat. No. LO 57064) consisting of:

  • FlashGel Recovery Cassettes, 1.2%, 8+1 double-tier (9 gels)
  • FlashGel QuantLadder, 250 μl
  • FlashGel Recovery Buffer, 2 x 500 μl
  • FlashGel Loading Dye, 1 ml, 5X
  • FlashGel Visualization Glasses
  • FlashGel Mask

How it works

  • Load samples in top row of wells
  • Run 2-5 minutes until the bands reach the second row of wells
  • Stop the run and add FlashGel Recovery Buffer to the wells
  • Run the bands into the wells with Recovery buffer
  • Pipet the DNA from the wells

Watch the video.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Lonza website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LO 57022 FlashGel Recovery Cassettes 2.2% Agarose, 2 rows of 8+1 lanes (9 gels)
LO 57051 FlashGel Recovery Cassettes 1.2% agarose, 2 rows of 8+1 lanes (9 gels)
LO 57060 FlashGel Recovery Buffer 2 x 500┬Ál
LO 57064 FlashGel Recovery Kit