Latitude® Precast Agarose Gels and chambers

Latitude® Precast Agarose Gels are designed for accurate DNA fragment separation for most any gel electrophoresis application. These ready-to-run gels are available in 3 sizes and wide variety of well formats to fit most any high-throughput need. Our Latitude® Precast Agarose Gels are precision cast for accurate, reproducible resolution of DNA fragments for 8 bp to 10 kb with our SeaKem® or NuSieve® Agarose.

Use of the TruBand Anchor® is required for optimal performance of Latitude® HT Gels.

Midigels are packaged 8 gels/box. Latitude® HT gels are packaged 5 gels/box.

TruBand® Anchors are required to achieve optimal performance of Latitude® precast agarose gels. TruBand® anchors are available for all Latitude® gels sizes.

The Latitude® Midi Gel Chamber provides optimal running conditions for Latitude® Precast Midigels. The Latitude® Midi Gel Chamber is easy to use, minimizes buffer use, and provides the best resolution performance from Latitude® Precast Midi Gels.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Lonza website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
LO 56988 TruBand Anchor 10x15 cm gels Lati.Midi.Chamb.1each
LO 56989 TruBand Anchor 10 x 15 cm gels Stand.cham 1each
LO 56990 Latitude MidiGel Chamber 1each
LO 57200 Lat.PC Agar.M.gel 1% LE+,10x15cm;TAE/EtBr;20w 8pc
LO 57204 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc 1% LE+,24x14cm;TAE/EtBr,100w 5pc
LO 57210 Lat.PC Agar. M.gel 1% LE+,10x15cm;TAE/EtBr;40w 8pc
LO 57211 Lat.PC Agar. M.gel 2% LE+,10x15cm;TAE/EtBr;40w 8pc
LO 57214 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc 1% LE+,24x14cm;TAE/EtBr;200w 5pc
LO 57220 Lat.PC Agar. M.gel 1% LE+,10x15cm;TBE/EtBr;20w 8pc
LO 57224 Lat.HT PC Agar.pc1% LE+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr;100w 5pc
LO 57225 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc4% 3:1+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr;100w 5pc
LO 57226 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc2% LE+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr,100w 5pc
LO 57230 Lat.PC Agar.M.gel 1% LE+,10x15cm;TBE/EtBr;40w 8pc
LO 57231 Lat.PC Agar. M.gel 2% LE+,10x15cm;TBE/EtBr;40w 8pc
LO 57234 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc 1% LE+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr;200w 5pc
LO 57235 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc4% 3:1+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr;200w 5pc
LO 57236 Lat.HT PCAgar.pc 2%LE+,24x14cm;TBE/EtBr;200w 5pc
LO 57246 Lat.HT PC Agar.pc2%LE+,24x14cm,TBE/EtBr,100w 5pc