Buccal-Prep Plus Swab DNA Isolation Kit

  • For DNA isolation from buccal swabs
  • Can be used directly after sample collection or on stored samples

The Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit is the latest precipitation based chemistry product from Isohelix. It combines all the necessary optimized buffers to fully lyse and simply purify DNA from buccal swabs. DNA isolation can be done directly after sample collection or from samples stabilized with various buffers or with the Isohelix Dri-Capsules.

This kit provides a fast protocol to produce high yields and purity for nearly all downstream processing applications. No solvents, alcohol, or other external buffers are required. With just a few processing steps, time of sample processing is short.


Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Isohelix website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
IS BPP-50 Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation kit for 50 Rxns