Isohelix Buccal Swab DNA Isolation Kits

Isohelix DDK Swab DNA Isolation Kit

The Isohelix DDK Swab DNA Isolation Kit is optimised for use with buccal samples. It offers reduced handling times, high DNA yield and does not use columns, filtration or solvents.

The kit contains lysis and stabilization reagents that allow you to store the stabilised swab in a sealed tube at room temperature for more than 3 years.

The expected yield from a buccal swab is on average 1 to 10µg DNA (5 to 70ng/µl) from an adult.

Isohelix Xtreme DNA Kit: highest purity

The Isohelix Xtreme DNA kit is a silica membrane based spin column DNA purification kit designed to isolate highly purified, high molecular weight genomic DNA from buccal swabs, with minimal losses. The DNA is suitable for even the most demanding downstream applications.

Isohelix XtraClean Swab DNA Cleanup Kit

The Isohelix XtraClean DNA kit is designed for the additional cleanup of partially purified DNA from buccal swabs. It yields an ultraclean DNA sample suitable for downstream applications where DNA purity is critical. Up to 20μg DNA sample can be bound to the silica-based membranes with almost complete recovery of intact DNA.

Isohelix Buccalyse Swab DNA Release Kit

The Isohelix Buccalyse Swab DNA Release Kit is a fast and easy method for releasing PCR-ready DNA from swabs. The single-step, single-tube method does not require centrifugation and is completed in just 20 minutes.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
IS BEK-50 Buccalyse DNA Release Kit - 50 reactions
IS DDK-50 Buccal Swab DNA Isolation Kit (50 reactions)
IS XME-50 Xtreme DNA Isolation kit 50 Rxns