innuSOLV RNA Reagent

innuSOLV RNA Reagent allows you to isolate total RNA from different sample types, including tissues, mammalian and bacterial cells, plants.

The extraction method is based on a single step, liquid-phase separation that saves you a lot of time. The innuSOLV RNA Reagent contains a mixture of phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate in a monophasic solution. After adding innuSOLV Reagent and chloroform and centrifuging, the mixture separates into three phases. The colorless liquid phase on top contains the RNA and can be simply pipetted. The RNA is then precipitated by adding alcohol.

Extraction with the innuSOLV RNA reagent produces high-quality nucleic acids without degradation that are suiteable for a range of applications. Total prep time is just 1 hour.

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Cat no. Description
AJ 845-SB-2090010 innuSOLV RNA Reagent - 10 ml
AJ 845-SB-2090100 innuSOLV RNA Reagent - 100 ml