UPzol Total RNA Isolation Reagent

  • RNA isolation using a modified GITC/phenol method
  • One-Step RNA isolation from many sample types
  • Scalable volume
  • High yield of high-quality RNA
  • Cost-saving alternative to TRIZOL ™ Reagent

biotechrabbit™ UPzol RNA Isolation Solution is a reagent optimized for efficient isolation of total RNA from animal tissues and cells, bacterial cells, plants and other material in variable amounts. The extraction method is based on a timesaving, one-step liquid phase separation.

The UPzol RNA Isolation Solution is a mono-phase solution containing phenol and guanidine thiocyanate. After the addition of chloroform and subsequent centrifugation, the homogenate is separated into three phases:

  • Colorless aqueous phase containing RNA (upper)
  • White interphase (middle)
  • Colored organic phase (lower)

RNA is precipitated from the upper aqueous phase using alcohol. The UPzol RNA Isolation Solution provides high quality and high-integrity RNA, which can be used for all downstream applications, including northern analysis, cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, dot-blot hybridization, poly A+ selection, in vitro translation, cloning and RNase assays.

TRIZOL is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Cat no. Description
BR BR0700102 UPzol RNA Isolation Solution (200 ml)