Magnosphere UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit

  • Quickly isolate mRNA from total RNA
  • Use any sample of 5-50 µg total RNA
  • High recovery of polyA+ RNA (0.5-2%)
  • Low rRNA contamination

Purify polyA+ RNA from total RNA

The Magnosphere UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit allows isolation of polyA+ RNA from any total RNA preparation. The Magnosphere Oligo-dT magnetic beads enable high-purity isolation of polyA+ RNA with an extremely low rate of ribosomal RNA contamination.

The beads have a uniform particle size and super paramagnetism, allowing efficient isolation by magnets. They also leave no residual magnetization, offering excellent redispersibility. These properties make it possible to quickly and efficiently isolate polyA+ RNA without centrifugation. In addition, compared with conventional magnetic particles, this product has lower nonspecific adsorption of impurities on the particle surface, allowing specific and efficient recovery of polyA+ RNA.

In contrast to purification kits that use non-magnetic-particle carriers, this kit is well-suited for purifiying polyA+ RNA from small  amounts of total RNA. With this kit, typically, high-quality polyA+ RNA with low rRNA contamination can be recovered with a yield of 0.5% to 2% from 5 to 50 μg of total RNA. This kit is ideal for preparing polyA+ RNA samples with low rRNA contamination, which are required for
applications including high-speed sequencing, cDNA synthesis with random primers, etc.

Application example

High-purity polyA+ RNA was prepared successfully from toal RNA from Hela S3 cells. The amount of polyA+ RNA recovered from 10 μg total RNA was 0.2 μg, with only 0.7% rRNA contamination.

Ordering information

Please note that as from July 1st, 2017 these products are no longer available from Westburg. They will soon be removed from the website.
Cat no. Description
TB 9186 Magnosphere UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit (50ug RNA/rxns)