innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit - KFml

  • Highly efficient tool for isolating bacterial DNA from
  • gram+ or gram– cell pellets
  • Optimized for extracting up to 15 samples using the KingFisher system
  • Different lysis protocols ensure effective sample breakdown and maximum DNA yields
  • Automated process
The innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit-KFml is designed to offer more than one lysis protocol. Researchers can easily adapt the innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit – KFml for optimized lysozyme digestion or efficient thermal/mechanical breakdown with a homogenizer. The overall system is easy to use, isolates high-quality nucleic acids and produces outstanding yields.

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Cat no. Description
AJ 845-KF-6015015 innuPREP Bacteria DNA Kit - KFml - 15 reactions