• Fully automated ssRNA extraction from serum and plasma
  • Optimized for the influenza, bovine viral diarrhea and swine fever viruses
  • High-throughput sample handling with the KingFisher® FLEX automation system
  • Up to 96 samples in just approx. 45 minutes
The innuPREP BVDV/INFL/SP Virus Kit – KFFLX is capable of isolating viral ssRNA. When used together with the KingFisher FLEX system the kit becomes an extremely fast tool under increased throughput conditions, up to 96 samples in just approx. 45 minutes.

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Cat no. Description
AJ 845-KF-4996096 innuPREP BVDV/INFL/SP Kit - KFFLX - 1 x 96 rxns