innuSPEED Stool DNA Kit

  • Isolation of bacterial DNA from solid or liquid stool samples
  • Prefiltration removes undissolved
  • sample components
  • Lysis Tubes and adapted beads for optimum sample homogenization
  • Optimized for SpeedMill homogenizer
The innuSPEED Stool DNA Kit provides an effective means of extracting microbial DNA from stool samples.

The first step is homogenization of the solid or liquid stool samples in a Lysis Tube using rapidly accelerated beads in a Speedmill homogenizer. After this highly efficient homogenization thermal lysis is performed. Any remaining undissolved sample components are then removed by a prefiltration step. Homogenization and lysis take only 25 minutes to complete.

Microbial DNA is then selectively bound to the surface of a Spin Filter membrane, followed by wash steps to remove inhibitors. Pure DNA is eluted in a low-salt buffer and immediately ready for use in all subsequent applications.

Starting material:
- 200–400 µg of solid stool samples
= 200–400 µl of liquid stool samples
- Fresh or frozen samples

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Cat no. Description
AJ 845-KS-1570010 innuSPEED Stool DNA Kit - 10 reactions