SapphireAmp Fast PCR Master Mix

  • 2X the speed of standard Taq: amplify 2 kb in just 1 hour
  • PCR reaction can be directly loaded on gel after PCR
  • Ideal for rapid insert check and colony PCR
  • PCR buffer allows restriction digestion
SapphireAmp Fast PCR Master Mix offers a powerful, fast, flexible and convenient alternative for both routine and complex PCR applications.

SapphireAmp Fast PCR mix contains a hot-start PCR enzyme, buffer, dNTPs, gel loading dye and density reagent in a 2X premix. SapphireAmp reactions are assembled by simply adding primer and DNA template to the premix.

After the PCR you can directly load the reaction onto a gel for electrophoresis. In addition, restriction digestion of PCR products is possible in SapphireAmp reaction buffer.

PCR reactions with this mix can be completed in half the time required for conventional Taq amplifications. Fast PCR of human genomic DNA targets of 2 kb can be completed in 1 hour.

SapphireAmp is well-suited for E.coli-based colony PCR to check for inserts of up to ~5 kb, and colony checks can be completed in about 1 hour.

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Cat no. Description
TB RR350A SapphireAmp Fast PCR Master Mix, 160rxns