SpeedSTAR Hot Start DNA Polymerase

  • Hig speed PCR with the possibility to set the extension time at 10 sec/kb.
  • Supplied with two types of Fast Buffer, the appropriate buffer can be selected depending on an amplified size.
  • Reduced background and improved specificity due to Hot Start antibo
This product is a hot start PCR enzyme, designed for high speed PCR. In combination with the optimized Fast Buffer I or II the total reaction time is significant shorter. The amplification of a 2 kb DNA target can be completed within 45 minutes, which saves half the time compared to a PCR reaction with Takara Ex taq polymerase. SpeedSTAR hot start DNA polymerase utilizes hot start PCR technique with monoclonal antibody. None specific amplification due to mis-priming and/or formation of primer dimmer before thermal cycling can be prevented. This enzyme can be used in general PCR conditions, since the monoclonal antibody is denatured in the initial DNA-denaturation step.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TB RR070A SpeedSTAR HS DNA Polymerase, 250u