TaKaRa Z-Taq Polymerase for rapid PCR

  • Five times faster PCR reaction than regular taq Polymerase.
  • Able to amplify up to 17.5 kbp fragments of Human Genomic DNA.
  • Suitable for high throughput PCR.
TaKaRa Z-Taq DNA polymerase is especially developed to achieve rapid PCR. It offers PCR productivity unmatchable by any other enzyme, at 5-time faster speed. It achieves amplification of 1 kbp within 20 minutes. In addition to this high speed, specificity and sensitivity is as high as TaKaRa Ex Taq polymerase. It enables amplification of 17.5 kbp of human genome DNA. Thanks to its high productivity, TaKaRa Z-Taq polymerase is the best suitable for highthroughput multi-sample processing on a single cycler. By increasing cycling numbers (up to 50 cycles), the sensitivity can be further improved. Therefore, TaKaRa Z-Taq polymerase is highly efficient and cost-effective, which can accelerate genetic applications in every related field.

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Cat no. Description
TB R006A TaKaRa Z-Taq, 200u