High Fidelity PCR EcoDry Premix

High Fidelity PCR EcoDry Premix is a dried master mix that lets you accurately amplify DNA with minimal effort and maximum ease.

EcoDry Premix contains all the reagents needed for high yield PCR. Simply add water along with your primers and template.

High Fidelity PCR EcoDry Premix products feature Advantage 2 DNA Polymerase, a premium enzyme blend that exhibits three times the fidelity of wild-type Taq polymerase, and generates high yields of longer, more accurate PCR products. This makes it especially useful for cDNA library construction and amplification, cloning, preparative PCR, long and accurate PCR, or any other application that requires high-fidelity DNA amplification.

EcoDry Premixes are lyophilized master mixes that are stable at room temperature. So they can be shipped and stored without cooling. This eco-friendly format reduces environmental impact.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the dry master mix format simplifies reaction set-up, saving time and reducing the risk of contamination and pipetting errors. Plus, EcoDry products can be stored for months at room temperature, so they’re convenient and ready whenever and wherever you are.

EcoDry Premixes are packaged as individual 8-well tube-strips with optically clear sealing caps, so they can be used individually or all at once.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
CL 639280 High Fidelity PCR EcoDry 48 rxns
CL 639282 High Fidelity PCR EcoDry 24 rxns