Advantage High-fidelity Polymerases and Kits

  • Very high fidelity and yields
  • Superior amplification efficiency
  • Excellent for cloning cDNA
Clontech’s Advantage HD Polymerase is a novel PCR enzyme that provides maximum fidelity as well as extended product length for High Definition PCR applications. The enzyme’s superior performance is due in part to the presence of a robust 3'–5' exonuclease activity as well as high priming efficiency. In addition, high specificity is achieved by inclusion of a hot start antibody that inhibits polymerase activity at ambient temperatures. When used with Clontech’s optimized reaction buffer, the Advantage HD Polymerase provides the high fidelity, sensitivity, and specificity required for critical applications such as gene cloning and amplification of cDNAs for library construction.

For PCR applications requiring the highest fidelity, such as cloning and mutation analysis, Advantage® HF 2 is the ideal kit. Advantage HF 2 achieves an accuracy rate more than 25 times higher than Taq polymerase. The mix performs well for genomic fragments of up to 3.5 kb.

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Cat no. Description
CL 639123 Advantage HF 2 PCR Kit 100 rxns
CL 639124 Advantage HF 2 PCR Kit 10 rxns
CL 639241 Advantage HD Polymerase Mix (200reactions)
CL 639265 10X Advantage HF 2 PCR Buffer 1 ml