PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase

  • MAX fidelity
  • MAX speed: <5 sec/kb
  • Convenient 2X premix
  • Antibody hot start for immediate activation and high specificity

PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase has the highest fidelity and fastest extension speed of any commercially available enzyme.

Elongation factor for superfast PCR

An elongation factor is incorporated in the enzyme to provide efficient priming and extension, which cuts down the extension times to 5-10 seconds per kb. As a result, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase can be used for exceptionally fast high-fidelity PCR.

Hot-Start suppresses background

PrimeStar MAX is formulated as a hot-start premix, which ensures high specificity end makes the enzyme excellent for high-throughput PCR.

When you need the shortest reaction times in combination with highly accurate amplification for cloning and expression, structural studies, or evolutionary analyses, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase is the enzyme of choice.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Takara website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
TB R045A PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase - 250 reactions of 20 ┬Ál