Pyrobest DNA Polymerase

  • High fidelity: comparable to Pfu
  • Robust amplification

Pyrobest is an α-type thermostable DNA polymerase derived from Pyrococcus sp., which possesses an associated 3'-5’exonuclease (proofreading) activity. Pyrobest is a highly suitable enzyme for high-fidelity amplification thanks to the high proofreading activity.

Generally it is considerd that α-type DNA polymerase is more difficult to use for PCR than PolI-type DNA polymerase (such as Taq polymerase), because the optimum reaction conditions of α-type DNA polymerase is relatively narrow.
However, Pyrobest is able to offer productivity as good as Taq polymerase, as a result of buffer optimization. At least 5 kb can be amplified from human genomic DNA template or λ-DNA template using Pyrobest.


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TB R005A Pyrobest DNA Polymerase, 125u