Ex Taq Polymerase

  • High sensitivity
  • High yield - up to 100X more product than regular Taq
  • Improved fidelity - 4X higher fidelity than standard Taq DNA Polymerase
  • Wide size range of PCR products (<100 bp to 20 kb genomic DNA)
  • Less optimization and more reproducible results
Ex Taq DNA Polymerase from Takara combines the proven performance of Takara Taq DNA Polymerase with an efficient 3'-5' exonuclease activity for improved fidelity and unsurpassed PCR performance.

In routine applications, Ex Taq gives better sensitivity, higher yields, more reproducible results, and lower mutation rates than Taq Polymerase.

Ex Taq DNA Polymerase also allows amplification of longer products, with 20 kb lengths possible from genomic DNA templates and up to 30 kb possible from lambda DNA.

In addition, in many applications the amount of Ex Taq DNA Polymerase required per reaction is less than half the amount of enzyme necessary with Taq DNA Polymerase.

Ordering information

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Cat no. Description
TB RR001A TaKaRa Ex Taq, 250u
TB RR003A Premix Ex Taq 120rxns
TB RR01AM TaKaRa Ex Taq(Mg free Buffer), 250u