Titanium Taq SP for commercial / OEM use

  • Amplify your target in fewer PCR cycles, with lower background
  • Perform PCR without optimizing your reaction conditions
  • Amplify rare targets
  • Amplify targets up to 2 kb from highly complex templates
  • Superb performance in multiplex PCR

Titanium Taq SP DNA Polymerase is a highly sensitive, robust, hot-start enzyme for use in PCR applications. It is outstanding for PCR amplification of most DNA templates, in particular, complex genomic DNA. A glycerol-free version (Cat. # 638517) is also available, ideal for preparation of custom lyophilized (dried-down) PCR master mixes that offer higher convenience and room-temperature stability. The EcoDry Premix version (Cat. # 638519) enables high performance with minimal effort and maximum ease, provided as a pre-aliquoted lyophilized master mix that already contains all the reagents needed for high-yield PCR in each tube.

Formulated for commercial and OEM use

Titanium Taq SP DNA Polymerase is specially formulated to provide a high-performance polymerase for commercial and OEM use, including molecular diagnostic services and kits. Commercial Use of Titanium Taq SP may provide cost-savings on royalty and license fees in some situations. If you are interested in Commercial Use of our products, including OEM, please contact Business Development at bd_oem@clontech.com to discuss your needs.

Ordering information

Westburg offers this product in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
If you are not located in these countries please visit the Clontech website to find your local distributor.
Cat no. Description
CL 638517 50X Titanium Taq SP (Glycerol-Free) - 250uL
CL 638519 Titanium Taq SPĀ  EcoDry Premix - 48 Rxns
CL 639292 TITANIUM Taq SP DNA Polymerase 100 reactions
TB R320A Titanium Taq SP GMP grade - 100 Rxns